C-brella™ Reversible C-Hook Umbrella

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If you've ever been stuck outside during a rainstorm and your umbrella was blown inside out and ruined by the wind, we understand your frustration. What's worse is when you get caught in the rain and your favorite clothes or your phone get wet. C-brella™ is the world's first reversible umbrella! It closes inside-out, which prevents it from getting blown out and destroyed! Furthermore, C-brella™'s reversible technology helps prevent puddles and water marks from forming wherever you place it down.

Traditional umbrellas close downwards, allowing the water to drip off as you move around. Not only is this messy, it can also create a safety hazard when the floor gets slippery. C-brella™ collects water inside it when it closes, so you can easily dispose of the water in a neat, mess-free way! You'll never get your car or your house floor wet again after using the umbrella.

The inside out design also means you can close the C-brella™ AFTER you get yourself inside your house or car. This dynamic design allows you to get into tight or narrow passages like your car entrance, without your umbrella getting stuck in the way!


This ultra durable umbrella also has an ergonomic C shaped handle for easy carrying.


  • Thanks to its unique technology, C-brella™ opens inside out. This leaves the wet side of the canopy contained on the inside when closed. It is therefore dry to handle and can be placed on surfaces without them getting wet.
  • Getting in and out of your car in the rain is not a problem as you can close the C-brella™ into the smallest gap of a car door, whilst remaining dry.
  • Any residual water is retained within the canopy until it is convenient to shake out and allow it to dry.
  • Very easy to open and close in confined spaces.
  • Waterproof
  • 27 DIFFERENT designs for you to choose from!
  • Size: 48-53cm radius
  • Material: 190T Nylon Fabric

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