Gas Blow Torch Welding Pen Burner

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 Cordless device, no electricity or batteries required for operation 
 Multi function melt silver and gold solder, small brazing rods, and many other materials (gold, silver,  copper, tin, aluminum) 
 Ideal for light welding, repairs, soldering, jewelry making, hobbies, crafts, model making, etc. 
 Portable pocket sized, lightweight and convenient 
 On/off switch 
 Adjustable flame 
 Easy to maintain (uses lighter butane) 
 Refillable - Uses widely available Butane Gas 
 Flame Temperature: 1300CeMaterial: Plastic 
 Power: 30W-70W 
 Soldering iron temperature: 210~400Centigrade 
 Flame temperature: 1300Centigrade (2500Fahrenheit) 
 Capacity: 7ml 
 Operating time: Approx.30 minutes 
 Size: Approx.17.8*3cm/7.01'' x 1.18''


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