Heated Car Seat Cushion Cover

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What would be the perfect partner for cold weather and winter driving? The  heated seat cover warms your back and bottom that helps to maintain your metabolism and blood circulation. Enjoy immediate warmth at your seat. The Cushion Hot Warmer provides soothing heat  for your tired and sore muscles. 

The  cushion warmer heats up when you connect it to your vehicle's 12 volt DC outlet and flip the switch. Once your vehicle is running and your  heated seat cushion is turned on, your seat will begin to warm. The heated seat warmer has its own temperature control for your preference consisting of Hi, Lo, and Off positions. Strapped over your warmer seat, plugged it in, clicked it on Hi and it heats up immediately within minutes. 


Color: Gray,Black Optional

Size: 96 * 48cm

Input Current: 12 V DC

Maximum power consumption: 45W + 3W

Low power consumption: 36W + 3W

Fuse: 10A

Power line: 133CM

Surface Material: Polyester

Seat selection: Single-seat version, the two-seater version




Please allow 10-24 business days for the item to arrive.