Memory Foam Luxurious Car Seat Armrest

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Would you like to travel in all comfort? This memory foam armrest covered in comfy PU leather has been designed to expand your comfort zone without taking up much space.

It protects the station area against water and dirt, and it is secured easily with buckle straps to any car. With a small pocket on the front, it can also hold your Smartphone, change or other small items.


Memory Foam Leather Car Seat Armrest Provides an extreme comfort & support to the arm. It's perfect for people who are suffering from serious periarthritis or  everyday long distance drivers with wrist fatigue.

It also protects your original console covers from any scratches or sharp objects, and allows you to adjust your console normally. It's also very easy to install - no tools required what so ever!


  • Ergonomic design
  • Fits 99% of car models
  • secured easily with buckle straps
  • Protects your original console from scratches and dirt
  • Smartphone, change & small objects pocket
  • Adjust your console normally
  • easy to install - no tools required
  • Comfortable PU leather & High density memory foam


  • Size: 30cmX16.5cmX10cm
  • Material: PU leather & memory foam
  • colors:
  • 800615361WOB6L._SL1001_616LP0xr+2L._SL1001_7131ZFyRduL._SL1001_2-3

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