Digital TENS Therapy Massager

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This lightweight digital therapy machine adapts the Traditional Chinese acupuncture and meridian theory by using a combination of different wave pulse signals. Mimicking 8 different massage patterns, the electronic pulses stimulate accupunture pressure points to improve blood flow; and thus helping you relax and remove your muscle tension and tiredness. 

It's simple to operate and suitable for those who have stiff shoulders, back pain, muscle fatigue, neck tension and various other "dis-eases" related to energy stagnancy. Regular usage can be really rewarding for you when all you need is just a handy and easy way to enjoy stress release after a long hard day's work! Features:


  • Adapting acupuncture technology, easy operation
  • Wonderful combination of different pulse signals will make you face the true feeling of acupuncture, stroking, manipulation, cupping, massage and scrapping
  • Electronic pulses stimulates accupuntral pressure points and improves blood flow
  • Alleviates back pains, shoulder pains, muscle pains etc
  • It helps to relax you from stress, remove your muscle tension and tiredness
  • Very light weight, suitable for home, travel and office use


  • Material: Plastic
  • Large size LCD Screen
  • Size: 153 x70 x28mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Voltage:4.5V
  • Power by: USB power cable or 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
Package includes:
1* Digital Therapy Massager device
8* Electrode pads (4 pairs)
2* 4 way electrode wire 
1* USB charging cable
1* Plug or adapter
1* English user manual


Please allow 10-24 business days for the item to arrive.