"KATANA" Samurai Sword Umbrella

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Winter is coming, and you need to look cool for it.

This special umbrella is shaped like a traditional "Katana" sword, famously known to be the most trustworthy weapons for samurai in feudal Japan.

Carry this Samurai Sword umbrella and you’ll feel invincible, when it rains you’ll feel even cooler when people see your fully functioning Katana samurai sword umbrella and you’re nice and dry underneath. Holding the Samurai Sword handle feels great strangely empowering.

Matching nylon case included.


You’ll love carrying this around whether it’s open or closed and you’ll look forward to rainy days so you can take you samurai sword umbrella about with you. 

The Samurai sword umbrella opens with a Push button, and in one slick move the umbrella is open.

This umbrella comes with a nylon case attached to a shoulder strap, so you can look extra cool wearing it on your back!


fabric: 100% Pongee
Base material: Stainless Steel
Frame material: Metal
Opening diameter: 103cm/40.1in


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